Friday, 20 April 2012

Representation of Age in Skins E01, S3.

This passage represents age throughout, specifically the gap in age, and generation between authority and teenagers. The target audience who are assumed to be teenagers too perhaps from the age 14+; generally will take the side of the younger generation. A stereotypical image is portrayed in this extract of teenage boys of this society. The teenage boys' character and dominance is represented through the different shots, their appearance in the extract and definitely through eye contact between character. There are three different teenage male characters and they represent three different labels: One a geek, one a studious but risk taking laid back male, and the other a stereotypical 'boozed up' teenage male character/

The first chapter that is introduced to us is a teenage boy around the age 16-18. We are aware of this from the appearance and when mentioned in his dialogue that it is the first day of collage for them. Before anything else that is the first thing that the 'skater boy' character says is'fuckers' indicating his rebellious character. This is important as it highlights the nature of this character and the stereotype presented of teenage boys. The way in which the extract has been edited throughout, from the beginning helps create the atmosphere and gives the audience a wider understanding of the character and his importance.

A number of jump cuts are used, which highlights not only the energy in the extract but also pf the situation and how fast it's occurring, and the rules associated. The soundtrack also similarly enters at various times, thrilling the audience by hinting what may happen the soundtrack is usually the 'rebellious rock music', which is non-diegetic. The character's status, in comparison to the older police officer, challenges authority and shows the audience who the clown is and who the 'cool' person  is.

The eye-line match is used successfully at the beginning before the 'skater boy takes the challenge tp skate down the hill, this not only emphasizes the boy's fearless nature, but also his eyes, and the smile, reinforces the idea of his care-free nature.

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